A walk by myself.

9 in the dark, full with anger and frustration I went on the road. First 15 minutes were a waste thinking why did I argue with my parents again. The cold featherweight November breeze passed by, forcing me to put my hands into the warm pockets of my jacket. It seemed to be a great battle ,as my clothes trying to save me from the harsh reality(wind) while, my face naked asking me to go back.

Few cars, fog all around, street lights obscured, not much people to be seen, it was the first time I didn’t feel alone. I was bewildered with the fact, that for the first time I felt so good, knowing that I am alone.

It was just me all alone, seeing new faces pass by, observing even the dim lights sparkle, the warmth my clothes provided me, even the cold breeze seemed soothing then. What was it? This never happened to me. It felt so cozy. Spending time with I don’t know who, may be my soul. Talking to myself, babbling all around, I felt so good discussing everything with me itself. It was just like a date, where I managed to give time to myself, lost in another world, thinking about all the small things ,and then laughing that, how can even these small things make me feel so happy. Every problem vanishing from my mind, my mind forgetting everything that my eyes saw as I passed by every single thing on the street. And just thinking about a single thing that my eye was capturing at the moment. The world seemed to big for my problems. My problems seemed to be much small now.

Maybe it was just time to stop worrying and facing every situation just the way a feather falls, waiting for the breeze to come and give it another chance to fly and fall.


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